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M-D Aluminum Wide Fluted Seam Binder (3.17 x 183 cm)

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Easily covers a seam or gap between 2 flooring surfaces of equal height, M-D’s seam binder gives your flooring a finished look where 2 surfaces meet, Ideal for a new installation or replacement of old carpet trims, Made with an attractive and durable silver, fluted design finish, Creates transition between surfaces of equal height, Covers seam and protects edges of flooring, Fluted product design with a mill finish, Durable aluminum withstands high foot traffic areas in the home, For use in doorways, room entry ways or other locations where 2 flooring surfaces meet, Consumers and industry professionals throughout the world trust M-D Building products and services, positioning them as the leaders in the weatherstripping, floor and tile trims, perforated aluminum sheets, digital levels, and caulking categories,

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